What's "your" BBQ?

(or barbecue or barbeque or bar-b-q)

It is a method of cooking- specifically using indirect heat or hot smoke at low temperature for several hours. There are many varieties of BBQ. A few of the best known are:





East Texas

The meat is slow cooked, usually over hickory, and is marinated in a sweet tomato-based sauce. The meat is usually chopped rather than sliced and typically is served on a bun.


Central Texas

The meat is rubbed with salt and black pepper and sometimes other spices and then cooked over indirect heat using pecan, oak or mesquite wood. The emphasis is on the flavor of the meat and thus sauce is optional; if desired the sauce can be served on the side as a complement to the meat.


As you can see, there is no one “real” BBQ not even in Texas. Come with an open mind and curious taste buds. L2 Texas BBQ is a mash-up of all the Texas styles to create our own unique favor. Give us a try. We do not think you will be disappointed.

Your hosts,
Larry & Larry